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Indian Journal Of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics

Chief Editor Prof. B. R. K. Shukla (Lucknow)
Editors Prof. Indu Talwar (Chandigarh)
Prof. Rajan Gaur (Chandigarh)
Prof. Udai Pratap Singh (Lucknow)
Editorial Advisors F. Vogel (Germany)
H. Walter (Germany)
E. Sunderland (England)
P. Simmons (USA)
R.L. Kirk (Australia)
M.R. Chakravarti (Ranchi)
J.C. Sharma (Chandigarh)
S.C. Tewari (Delhi)
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The Eastern Anthropologist

Prof. Sukant K. Chaudhury (Lucknow)
Prof. P. Venkata Rao (Hyderabad)

Associate Editor

Dr. Keya Pandey (Lucknow)
Dr. Vibha Agnihotri (Lucknow)

Editorial Advisors N.S. Reddy (Hyderabad)
T.N. Madan (Delhi)
R.K. Jain (New Delhi)

R.S.Khare (U.S.A.)
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Past Editors
1947-1960 Editor: D.N. Majumdar; Foreign Editor C.vonFurer Haimendorf; Associate Editor: S.C. Dube (till 1950).
1961-1963 Editor: D. K. Sen; Foreign Editors: Haimendorf and David G. Mandelbaum; Asstt. Editors: T.N. Madan (1961-1962) Jt. Editor: K.S. Mathur (1963)
1964-1977 Editor: K.S. Mathur; Foreign Editors : C. vonFurer Haimendorf and David G. Mandelbaum; Asstt. Editors: S.C. Verma S.C. Verma (1968-1977) and C. Verma (1975-1977).
1978-1987 Editors: S.C. Verma, and V.N. Mishra (1984-1986); Co-Editor : V.N. Misra (1979-1983); Associate Editor: B. Singh (1985-1986) Asstt. Editors: C. Verma (1978-1979), U.S. Misra (1978-1983), P. Bhatia (1978,1980-1982,1985),S.V.Pande (1978,1983-1984),D.P.Bajpai (1983), J.B. Singh(1984), N. Hasnain (1984-1986), A.J. Mukerji (1987); Business Editor - P.K. Tewari (1984-1986).
1988-1992 Editors: K.N. Sharma and J.S. Bhandari; Co-Editor: H.S. Saksena (1989-1992); Editorial Associates: H.S. Saksena (1988), A.J. Mukerji (1988), and N. Hasnain (1988); Business Editor: P.K. Tewari
1993-1996 Editor :Gopala Sarana; Business Editor: A.P. Singh (1995-1996)
1997-2000 Editors: J.S. Bhandari; H.S. Saksena; Hari Mohan Mathur and Peter Van der Veer; Asstt. Editor: Sukant K. Chaudhury
2001-2004 Editors: J.S. Bhandari(2001); H.S. Saksena; Vinay Kumar Srivastava; Associate Editors: Sukant K. Chaudhury(up to 2006)and Vinod Chandra (upto 2003), Assistant Editor: Sameera Maiti(upto 2006)..
2004-2016 Editors: H.S. Saksena, Vinay kumar Srivastava, Nadeem Husain; Co-Editor: Sukant K. Chaudhury; Associate Editor: Samera Maiti
Volume 69 Numbers 3-4 July-December 2016

Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics is an international forum for issues concerning Indian Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics in Particular and other allied sciences in general. The main focus of the journal is India. It also welcomes original research papers and brief reports providing comparative perspectives or offering comments on significant theoretical issues from all over the world. The journal is expected to serve as a medium for scholarly studies devoted mainly to biological aspects of human populations as regards genetics, evolution, ecology, demography, growth, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, disease patterns and behaviour of individuals comprising them.

The Eastem Anthropologist is a referred, quarterly journal issued every March, June, September and December, International in its character, content and coverage, The EA publishes research papers, shorter notes, news relating to research and academic/professional fora, communication and rejoinders on themes and problems which are of interest to professional anthropologists and other social scientists leaning towards an inter-disciplinary approach.
Themes of Some Special Numbers:-

1.Indus Valley Civilization
2.Golden Jubilee Number
3.Displacement and Resettlement
4.Muslims of South Asia
5.Other Backward Classes of India

6.Rural Profiles: scenario 2005

7.Dynamics of Change & Development among Scheduled

8.Anthropology in India


Editor : Prof. Nadeem Hasnain (Lucknow)
Co - Editor : Dr. Vinod Chandra (Lucknow)
Associate Editors : Dr. Rahul Patel ( Allahabad)
Dr. Virendra Pratap Yadav (Wardha)
Managing Editor : Prof. Sukant K. Chaudhury (Lucknow)
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Individual Rs.400/-
Student Rs.300/-
Individual(3 years) Rs.1000/-
Student(3 years) Rs. 700/-
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Business enquiries for back issues upto 2002 should be addressed to the General Secretary at the EFCS address or efcs.dnmajumdar@gmail.com & 2003 onwards to Serial Publications, 4830/24, Prahlad Street, Ansari Nagar, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002 (India)
Tel: 91-11-23245225 Fax: 91-11-23272135
e-mail: serials@mail.com
Editorial correspondence should be sent to the Society's office at Lucknow.
Formerly quarterly in periodicity, its new series is biannual, published in January and June every year. For a large number of Hindi readers, it happens to be the only journal of its kind being published regularly. Manav publishes original papers, shorter notes, book reviews, review articles and professional news related to anthropology & archaeology, sociology and other allied disciplines. Is also carries a regular column of matter particularly useful in graduate & post graduate students of social sciences.


The Eastern Anthropologist
Indian Journal Of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics
Manav (in Hindi)