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Publication Division

The publication wing of EFCS has published the following books by some eminent scholars such as D.N. Majumdar, S.C. Dube, C.von Furer Haimendorf, H.D. Sankalia, K.S. Mathur, Ghaus Ansari, etc.

EFCS Publications

Serial No. Book Price in Indian Rupees Price in U.S. Dollars
1 Rural Profile I by D.N. Majumdar out of print out of print
2 Rural Profile II by D.N. Majumdar out of print out of print
3 Muslim Caste in Uttar Pradesh by Ghaus Ansari 100 12
4 Man and Society by K.S. Mathur and S.C. Varma (ed.) 100 12
5 Social Sciences in Changing Society by S.C. Dube 50 5
6 Studies in Social Change by K.S. Mathur et el(ed.) 100 12
7 Tribe, Caste and Peasantry by K.S. Mathur and B.C. Agarwal (ed.) 150 20
8 Hindu- Muslim Relations by Raghuraj Gupta out of print out of print
9 New Archaeology:Its Scope and Application in India by H.D. Shankalia 100 12
10 Wild and Domestic Animals in Prehistoric and Early Historic India by A. Clason 200 25
11 Drinks and Drugs in a North Indian Village by B.R.K. Shukla 100 10
12 Puja in Society by Akos Ostor 100 12
13 Aspects of Society and Culture by S.C. Varma (ed.) 250 25
14 Modern Development and Traditional Ideology Among Tribal Societies by Christoph von Furer Haimendorf 100 12
15 Anthropological Perspectives by K.S. Mathur (ed.) 250 25
16 Gonds and their Neighbours by Urmila Pingle and C. von F. Haimendorf 200 25
17 Pragetihasik Manav ke KaryaKalaap: Shail Chitron Ke Darpan Mein by Yashodhar Mathapal(in Hindi) 100 10
18 Manavmiti, Twacha Praroop Evam Seeerum Vigyan by Ripudaman Singh 75 5
(in Hindi)
19 North East India : Its People and Cultures by B.M. Das 125 12
20 Perspectives in Tribal Development: Focus on Uttar Pradesh (ed. H.S. Saksena et.el. 450
21 Scheduled Tribes & Development (eds. H.S. Saksena V.K.Srivastava & S.K. Chaudhury) New Delhi : Serials Publication 1495
22 Culture, Ecology & Sustainable Development (ed. S.K. Chaudhury) New Delhi : Mittal Publications 650
23 Indian Tribes and the Mainstream (eds. S.K.Chaudhury & S.M.Patnaik ) Jaipur : Rawat Publications 725
24 Anthropology in India (eds H.S. Saksena, V.K. Srivastava, N. Hasnain, S.K Chaudhury & S. Maiti) New Delhi : Serials Publications 1295
25 Ambedkar & Future of Dalits (Ed. Sukant K. Chaudhary) New Delhi: Serials Publication 1150