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About Us


The General Body consists of all life members and the Executive Committee consisting of 35 members, 18 from Lucknow and 17 from elsewhere.

Executive Committee - 2018
President Sri G. Pattnaik (Lucknow)
Vice-President Prof. T.N. Pandey (Santa Cruz, USA)
Prof. P.K. Misra (Mysore)
Prof. B.R.K. Shukla (Lucknow)
Prof. A.P. Singh (Lucknow)
General Secretary Prof. Sukant K. Chaudhury (Lucknow)
Treasurer Prof. J.N. Shukla (Lucknow)
Joint Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Singh (Lucknow)
Asstt. Secretary Dr. Diwakar Upadhyay (Lucknow)
Dr. Alok Chantia (Lucknow)
Dr. Santosh Upadhyay (Lucknow)
Dr. Suneel Deepak (Lucknow)
Members Prof. Nilika Mehrotra (Delhi)
Prof. A. K. Pandey (Varanasi)
Prof. P.S. Vivek (Mumbai)
Prof. Gayatri Bhattacharya (Kolkata)
Prof. Nita Mathur (Delhi)
Dr. Rahul Patel (Allahabad)
Dr. Manoj K. Singh (Delhi)
Dr. A. S. Tiwari (Lucknow)
Dr. Keya Pandey (Lucknow)
Dr. Sudha Rastogi (Lucknow)
Prof. Sanjay Singh (Lucknow)
Dr. Shobhana Nagar (Lucknow)
Prof. D. R. Sahu (Lucknow)
Dr. Neetu Singh ( Lucknow)
Immediate Past President Prof. T.N. Madan (Delhi)
Immediate Past General Secretary Prof. Nadeem Hasnain (Lucknow)
Editor, The Eastern Anthropologist Prof. P. Venkat Rao (Hyderabad)
Editor, Indian Journal of Physical
Anthropology and Human Genetics
Prof. U. P. Singh (Lucknow)
Editor, Manav Prof. Nadeem Hasnain (Lucknow)
Director, DN Majumdar Museum Dr. Anjali Chauhan(Lucknow)
Director, Publications Prof. S.M. Patnaik(Delhi)
Honorary Librarian Dr. Vibha Agnihotri(Lucknow)

Our Honorary Fellows (Past & Present)

Professors C.von Furer-Haimendorf, David Mandelbaum, and H.D.Sankalia, Dr. A.Aiyappan, Dr A.V.Rao, Professors Sol Tax, Fred Eggan, E.C.Buchi, E.Vogel, Cyril Belshaw, Levi-Strauss, A.K. Saran, Ram Krishna Mukerji, George Condominas, Chie Nakane and Leela Dube.

Some Distinguished Life Members (Past and Present)

Louis Dumont, Cora DuBois, McKim Mariott, A.R.Beal, Harold Gould, G.D. Berreman, S.C.Dube, L.P. Vidyarthi, K.S. Mathur, B.K. Roy Burman, T.N. Madan, V.N. Mishra, D.P. Sinha, Gopal Saran and Ghaus Ansari


Promotion of scientific and action oriented research in the field of Anthropology and related disciplines. Study of the deprived sections of Indian society particularly Scheduled Castes,Scheduled Tribes and Women. Study of social change and developmental issues. Collaboration with other scientific bodies working in similar fields of research.

Other Activities

Regular publication of three journals (The Eastern Anthropologist; Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology & Human Genetics; and Manav) Publication of books authored by distinguished social scientists. Organizing seminars and conferences. Holding lectures including D.N.Majumdar and K.S. Mathur Memorial lectures. Conducting research studies.

Life Membership Fee

For Indian Scholars : Rs. 4000/-
For Foreign Scholars : US$300
(Life members will get one copy of the journal free of cost throughout life)
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Annual Report of the General Secretary - 2017
(For the year 2016 - 17)

Mr. President and Members of this august gathering,
It is a great pleasure to welcome all of you to this Annual General Body and Budget meeting today. I take this opportunity in presenting this report before you. The details of the Society's activities and action taken during 2016 - 17 have broadly been as follows:
1 - As you know we are in the midst of organizing the biennial International Conference on Politics, Society and Culture in South Asia on 03rd - 05th March, 2017 hosted by the Department of Sociology, University of Lucknow. The conference has about 600 participants from the different parts of the world. During the conference we have three plennary sessions, 15 technical sessions, besides inaugural and valedictory sessions. The Hon'ble Governor Uttar Pradesh grace the inaugural session. Prof. Anand Kumar, JNU delivered the key note address and Prof. Francis Lobo, Australia was the Guest of Honour. Further we will have the K.S. Mathur Memorial Lecture to be delivered by eminent anthropologist Prof. P. Vekata Rao. The conference was sponsored by ICSSR and Department of Higher Education, U.P. Government.
2 - Regarding journals: I am glad to announce that The Eastern Anthropologist is on its 70th year of uninterrupted publication. It has a new editorial team: Prof. Sukant K. Chaudhury and Prof. Venkata Rao as Editors, Dr. Keya Pandey and Dr. Vibha Agnihotri as Associate Editors. The no.1 issue of 2017 i.e. of the Vol.70 will come out by April, 2017. The Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics is also doing very well and has a new editorial team with Prof. B.R.K. Shukla as the Chief Editor, Prof. Indu Talwar, Prof. Rajan Gaur and Prof. Udai Pratap Singh as editors. Vol.34 No.2, Dec. 2015 is being published. Society's third journal Manav is also being published these days regularly: 2016 joint numbers, volume 33 getting ready. We have a new editorial team from 2017 onwards with Prof. Nadeem Hasnain as the editor, Dr. Vinod Chandra as Co-Editor, Dr. Rahul Patel and Dr. Virendra Pratap Yadav as Associate Editors and Prof. Sukant K. Chaudhury as Managing Editor.
3 - The K.S. Mathur Library continues to attract students and research scholars from the University and colleges and we are adding some books regularly. Dr. Vibha Agnihotri is appointed as Hony. Librarian for 2017-20.
4 - The D.N. Majumdar Museum is being maintained with a limited space. We have a new Honorary Director for 2017-20: Dr. Anjali Chauhan who is taking active interest in renovating and cataloguing the museum items. Dr. Yoshodhar Mathpal who has created many items for the museum, visited the museum and examined thread bare every item and prepared a detailed report for reviving the museum.
5 - Prof. S.M. Patnaik, Deptt. Of Anthropology, Delhi University, Delhi, was appointed as Hony. Director, Publication Board, for 2017-20
6. I wish to report that some of our life members have been invited in the country as well as abroad to deliver lectures, to present papers in conferences and to deliver memorial lectures in India. Some of them are: Prof. S.M. Patnaik presented a paper on "Anthropology and Public Policy in India" in the IUAES Congress held at Dubrovnik, Croatia in May 2016 and also chaired a session on Anthropology, Public Policy and Development Practice. Prof. Nilika Mehrotra, presented a paper on Disability Right Movement and Disability Policy in India, in the IUAES Congress held at Dubrovnik, Croatia in May 2016. Dr. Vibha Agnihotri organized a panel in the IUAES Congress, at Dubrovnik, Croatia in May 2016 on "Effect of Urbanization on Environment, Health and Quality of Life" and presented a paper on "The Effect of Social Physical and Psychological Environment on Health and Quality of Life of Adolescent Girls in India". Prof. Sukant K. Chaudhury, presented a paper "Sociology of Leisure and Climate Change: Some Observations" and Chaired a Session at the RC-13 of ISA World Congress, Vienna, in July, 2016 and also chaired a session. Dr. Keya Pandey presented a paper in the IUAES Congress at Dubrovnik, Croatia in May 2016 on "Social Transformation and Tribal Identity: Observations of Tribal Villages of India". Prof. A.P. Singh, organized a panel in the IUAES Congress at Dubrovnik, Croatia in May 2016. Dr. Vinod Chandra, presented a paper on "Young People's Experience and Understanding Climate Change" and chaired a Session at the RC-53 of ISA World Congress, Vienna, in July, 2016. Dr. Chandra is also engaged in international project on Study of Children's Well Being and presented a paper on "Methodological Challenges of Researching Children's Well Being" at Berlin on Dec. 2016. Prof. D.R. Sahu, presented a paper on "Struggle for Justice and Human Rights Framework: Cases of Successful Protests in Eastern India" and Chaired a Session at the RC-32 of ISA World Congress, Vienna, in July, 2016.